Copper Creek Construction wants to offer a series of videos that you might enjoy. These videos are for Emergency Preparedness outdoor and in-home trick and tips. this is for informational purpose only. We hope you enjoy.

Here are some ways we could help you to be little more prepared for our Colorado weather.

Copper Creek understands that every household needs to obtain the right amount of supply for each member of the family. When you click the the Disaster Plan button you will be directed to the a Supplies Calculator, which will help you to get prepared a bit better

Copper Creek will provide information on what you might need if an emergency occurs. Also for you to know which departments to contact and where to go if help is needed. 

Copper Creek Construction not only will help you create an Emergency Kit, but we will give you an option of purchasing one. Copper Creek team wants to keep you informed about Emergency Preparedness as such as possible, that is why we will also provide websites that we recommend more ways to be prepared. 

Copper Creek Construction believes that people need to be prepared for Colorado weather conditions. From Snow to Sunshine, we want to make sure that you and your family is well prepared for the climate that occurs. If you have any question please contact someone form our team.

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